Yealm Estuary to Moor Steering Group

The YEM Steering Group manages the delivery of the project with all members coming from geographic areas along the Yealm Catchment.   These geographic areas areas are mainly delineated by Parish Boundaries as these are well known. They therefore include Newton & Noss, Wembury, Brixton, Yealmpton, Sparkwell and Cornwood. The exception is PL21, an environmental group which encompasses that postcode.   Some of the environment groups are independent and exist in their own right, others are sub-committees of their Parish Councils. The important thing is that they are all cooperating to achieve common aims.   Some members of the Steering Group Represent their environmental group, some are expert advisors and some serve as officers.

Our Partners

Westcountry Rivers Trust (WRT). 

“Bringing Rivers to Life” A charity which had its origins in the south west, but is now a national conservation organization doing useful research. Our first partner.

Devon Wildlife Trust (DWT). 

A wildlife charity with origins in Devon, and now a national organization. It covers the country’s urban, rural and marine wildlife and its environment.

Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group (FWAG). 

Supporting farmers for over 50 yearsand providing environmental assets. Provides ethical farming liaison and advice on land use and biodiversity.

National Trust (NT). 

A charity dedicated to conservation of artefactual and natural heritage. They are important owners of land and have a strong ethic to combat climate change.

Woodland Trust (WT). 

A conservation charity concerned with the creation, protection and restoration of native woodlands.

Dartmoor National Park Authority (DNPA). 

Set up by the Environment Act 1995 to conserve and enhance the natural environment, wildlife and heritage of Dartmoor in a sustainable way.