Help Us with Tree Nursery

There is a nationwide push to plant more trees however, there has lead to a shortage of tree seedlings and whips so communities are being encouraged to grow their own trees! YEM is therefore working with community groups along the river Yealm (Newton and Noss, Wembury, Brixton, Yealmpton, Cornwood and Sparkwell) to grow trees from seed so that we have tree seedings and whips to plant out.

Can you help collecting tree seeds? Gathering seeds with family, friends or colleagues is a great way to spend time outdoors and can make a difference. It is a good time to collect seed from Rowan, Hazel, Silver Birch and Hawthorn in September and Blackthorn, crab apple, alder and oak in October.

We have provided a guide with lots of good tips and links on seed gathering and seed identification guides or contact us