Yealm Estuary To Moor (YEM) 

Restoring and re-connecting precious wildlife habitat along the River Yealm

The River Yealm runs for twelve and a half miles from Yealm Head on Dartmoor to the sea at Noss Mayo. It is magically beautiful in places but use of the river and the land surrounding it means that it supports less wildlife than it did in the past. This loss of good wildlife and fragmentation of their habitat makes it less resilient to future changes in the climate and more difficult for species to move around the landscape. The YEM project aims to restore and re-connect these precious fragments for nature.  

The Yealm  Estuary to Moor (YEM) is a long-term community project aimed at improving the health of the River Yealm and encouraging biodiversity along its length by creating a wildlife corridor along the length of the river.   

The YEM Project aims to establish the extent of the problems and identify the opportunities to improve and restore both the river and the land alongside it by working with expert professional organisations and volunteers.

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